Weds 25th Jan 2017 - 7:30pm - £5 (£3 Student) Not only are we delighted to be part of the John Peel Centre's lineup for Independent Venue Week but we are genuinely over-excited about who we’ve recruited to play at it. Not only do all of these artists have a unique sound, style and skillset but they’re all from The East too. Don’t take our word for how awesome they are, though, check out their details and links below.

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Catnip & Claws
In 2016 she was crowned both Future Radio’s “Next Big Thing” and B-Side Project’s “Best Female Producer” and it’s easy to hear why, with a multi-layered blend of genre-bending electronica in the footsteps of Four Tet and Aphex Twin. We do not make those comparisons lightly, classically trained as a pianist before plunging feet first into electronica sometime around 2011 she’s going on to great things.

"Catnip and Claws pulls off track after track of dynamic, inventive and expertly constructed electronica, tempered by a surprising diversity in sound and instrumentation. It’s hard to avoid gushing like a doe-eyed fool." -
( "Stay" on Soundcloud | Facebook | Resident Advisor )

Originally from Zimbabwe but calling Ipswich home and having recently returned from a few years in Bristol we’re delighted that he’s back among us mortal folk in the East. He’s been making beats since the late naughties and takes inspiration from 90's RnB music, Nujabes and Flying Lotus. Expect a selection of soulful samples and grooves overlaid with thumping hands-on Hip-Hop beats tapped out on the pads of his trusty AKAI with ninja finesse.
( "Groove With Me" on Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter )

...came to the John Peel Centre open mic night, The Whole Shebang, back in November and asked the organiser if there was a chance of playing some live electronic music. We didn't expect his car boot to be crammed with vintage synths and effects units or the ten-minute opus encompassing lush ambient atmospherics, squelchy acid noises and lots of lovely weird bleeps and squonks that followed. We have no idea what to expect for his first full set, but we know it'll be something a little bit special.
( Overload on Soundcloud )

Switch Hop returned to Ipswich after a two year hiatus featuring live performances of original electronica from four local artists:

DEADPOOLE is an experimental multi-genre music producer & electronic musician from Ipswich. Taking influence from leftfield hiphop beat-makers such as Flying Lotus & Madlib to electronic artists like Gold Panda & Floating Points he blends both foreign & familiar samples, ethereal synths, rumbling bass & crunching drums. Having put out a series of EP's over the last 4 years he released his debut album NIGHT/LIFE in May.
( NIGHT/LIFE @ bandcamp | soundcloud | facebook )

NOISEFLAW has been recording beats and melodies since 1998 and brings us a live set of dubbed out electro trip-hop born from a love of music and technology with a view of a positively dystopian world.
( bandcamp | soundcloud | twitter )

THE DECIBEL KID is an Electronic Music Producer, Filmmaker, DJ, Digital Artist & Promoter. Musically his influences range from modern downtempo and experimental electronica to 90s trip hop, early hip hop and classic funk. He often also incorporates found-sound into his work which to date has included air conditioning units, fluorescent tubes, light switches, door locks and escalators. His debut Album - Move It In Sections - was released in Autumn 2014
( Move It In Sections | facebook | twitter )

( soundcloud | twitter )

This almighty amalgamation of avant-garde artistry takes place at The Smokehouse (South Street Studios, 6 South St, Ipswich IP1 3NU) on Saturday 3rd December from 7:00pm until 11:00pm. Entry is free but a £3 optional donation is suggested to feed the starving artists.

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